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The robots are talking our jobs – well,
just the dangerous, dirty ones.

VERITANK has quite a unique service offering. Their autonomous robots inspect Oil Tanks while in service. That means that the robot actually swims in gasoline.

I was tasked with designing an identity that didn't feel clinical or boring, but should also feel right at home with the large oil companies that would be VERITANK's customers.




The Logo

Logos are hard, but sometimes they come together quickly. With this one I was fortunate that another designer had already done some of the hard work for me by creating a number of iterations that were close, but not quite right. I took the most promising concept, chose an appropriate font, and honed in on the colors – voila a new identity is born.

Exploring 3D rendering

When it was time to start building the website we ran into the age old problem that content was no where to be found and a photo shoot would be too expensive to arrange. To solve the problem I created product renderings with Cinema 4D.

Visualizing Deployment

One of the most important aspects of the site was to educate clients on how robots would be deployed during service.

We needed to show the benefit of using autonomous robots – short deployment time, no down time, and rapid access to data.

I created visualizations of the deployment process by assembling 3D scenes and creating photo realistic renderings. These served as place holders until we got appropriate photos in place.

The Website

I developed the website Webflow. It's a great way to get a site up and running quickly without having to bring in a small web development team. You can see the site here: