Exploring the future of AR with amazing talent

Superbright is one of the more innovative studios in New York with a focus on AR, Mixed Reality, and physical computing.

After the acquisition of Aiko I worked out of Superbright studios for the spring and summer of 2016.  I helped out with a diverse set of projects  – xAdd, National Geographic, and Superbright’s own product efforts.


Superbright Team


xAdd Mixed Reality Fashion Show

Superbright had been tasked with creating a mixed reality fashion show for xAd, a location based marketing company.

The installation revolved around real fashion models on a custom designed runway, using augmented reality technology to create a completely virtual environment on stage. Users in the audience interacted with this synchronized 3D experience through their own mobile devices as well as provided iPads.

The Storyboards

I was tasked with helping storyboard how the live event would be viewed on the user's device.

Pattern development

I also developed a direction for how the AR content could be rendered. I was inspired by simple geometric patterns often used in fashion. In the end we ended up going for a more futuristic look developed by Superbright's creative director.

Killing Reagan

KILLING REAGAN is an augmented reality investigation into the assassination attempt of President Reagan. The app launched in conjunction with National Geographic’s global television movie event, KILLING REAGAN, starring Tim Matheson and Cynthia Nixon.

I worked as a producer on the project and consulted on high level UX.