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Smarter health care through AI

My friend, Ryan Darnell, of Max Ventures introduced me to the founding team of K Health in the summer of 2016. The founders gave me an interesting challenge – design a product that can become your digital health companion, that will answer questions about your health as accurately as a human doctor can, will be used by millions of users, and possibly save countless lives.


K Health Product and Marketing Teams
Illustration: Ashley Farlow
Logo Development: Christian Rocha


Chat with K

K asks smart questions about your symptoms and accounts for your age, gender, and medical history as it investigates your health. In minutes, you’ll see how people like you were diagnosed and treated by doctors when they were in your situation.

We designed a UI that can dynamically generate any question that K would need to ask about the user's health condition. The product uses a custom set of UI elements to accomplish this task.

People like you

K shows you how doctors diagnosed and treated people like you who had similar symptoms.

The 'People Like Me' screen was one of the most challenging views in the application to design, it needed to provide the user with confidence in the system as well as educate them on the various conditions their case matched.

Path to treatment

Learn what to watch out for as well as the tests and medications people like you needed to take to get better.

The Invention of Medimoji

Talking about what’s wrong with you can be both scary and embarrassing. We developed a library of over 250 symptom cards to help people discuss their symptoms.

The provider network

K reaches its true potential when it can hand off users to capable health practitioners.

In summer of 2018, K Health launched a provider network in New York. I helped develop a flow for finding a physician and scheduling an appointment.

Branding K

Creating a brand from scratch

As the head of design I was also tasked with brand identity design. I tapped my long time friend Christian Rocha and we came up with a friendly, approachable identity for K.


With K's logo we wanted express the personality behind K's persona; a friendly, accessible health assistant.

The colored dots gives K a way to communicate when she is thinking and working on a case. The dots also represent the millions of medical cases the system is built on.


We employed a set of playful colors for our symtom cards and second more muted set to handle more sensitive medical content.


In the product we needed to be able to distinguish between the product conversing with the user and larger blocks of medical content.  We used Vag for K and Circular as our work horse font for UI elements and content.


We experimented constantly with how to depict people in our marketing collateral.  One direction was to keep people anonymous by not displaying their face. This helped emphasize the private nature of our service.