AMNH-The North West Indians Exhibit

Developing a digital layer for an exhibit

The Northwest Indians Gallery is one of the oldest galleries in the Museum – so old in fact that it's the exhibit that is mentioned in the novel The Catcher in the Rye.

In a two week sprint, I designed a kiosk and a mobile app that would serve as digital hub for the exhibit.


AMNH Exhibit Design Team


The Kiosk

The Kiosk served as entry point for the Northwest Indians Exhibit and allowed the museum to greatly enrich the visitor experience.

The main view for the kiosk was a map view that allowed visitors to learn about the various Northwest Peoples Tribes. This included the various ceremonies and customs that were important to the tribes as well as the sound scapes of their environment.

Video conferencing with specialists

One of the more interesting features of the kiosk was a daily scheduled video chat, that allowed visitors to speak with experts from partner organizations in Vancouver and Seattle.

Motion guides

To communicate subtle aspects of motion design, I created motion guides in After Effects.

The explorer app

One of my first opportunities in designing for AR came with the explorer app that we created for the gallery.

Augmented Reality

Visitors could scan objects in the collection with their mobile phone to view an additional layer of information. This included the ability to examine the objects more closely with high definition 3D scans and related media such as audio and video content.