Aiko – more color than is reasonable

A little friend that goes where ever you are

For a number of years I've been obsessed with the idea that we can generate positive health habits by employing game mechanics around a person's most basic attribute – their activity data.

Aiko attempts to externalize a person's health by visualizing it as a character that lives on you phone and watch. Aiko gets its energy from the user's activity data. It also transforms walking into a fun, playful game.

With seed funding from Notation Capital I built a small team to create Aiko.


Josh Knowles
Ashley Farlow
Asavari Kumar
Jared Halpern
Reeve Jolieffe
Niclas Kristiansson
Noah Schnoll
Alan Barasch


Get Ready for a Moving Experience

Walk with Aiko to level up your day. Your daily activity generates energy, which allows Aiko to grow, play and gain new powers. Stay active and be more aware of yourself and your day with a little help from your friend.

Tap Game

Tap, eat, flip and spin. Aiko lives through movement. Step up your game; level up together


We created a whole set of characters provided fun ways to customize the app by giving users the access to wall papers and colorful, crazy patterns.

Enhancing personal expression

One of my favorite features in Aiko was our custom emoticons. As users leveled up they unlocked new emoticons that could be used in iMessage.

Making Aiko internet famous

We released the characters on to the internet through an active instagram account and a steady stream of gifs on to Giphy.